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Welcome to my website. I am a local estate agent with 33 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in the property market. I offer a bespoke personal service to all my clients. Please get in touch here for help and advice on any property related matter. 

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What Are the True Costs of Selling a Loughton Home?

True Costs of Selling a Loughton  House ? Let's Take a Look 

Do you want to sell your Loughton house? Before you list your home, it is vital to understand how much all this would cost. 

You will have to handle a few bills, potentially layering the walls with a fresh coat of paint and updating the decor. 

We will discuss a few definitive costs that you will incur once you decide to sell your home. 

Is Your Home Ready To Sell? 

Firstly, you must answer if your home is ready to be sold. If your house is not relatively new, there may be a few requirements in terms of repairs and maintenance. 

There is a fair argument that a new buyer will want to put their own style on the house in any case, but first impressions can make a huge difference, so you need to decide how much work to do. 

Make sure you get an opinion from a trusted estate agent, not one that will simply tell you to list without a considered opinion. 

Invest In A Good Real Estate Agent (And Their Commission) - the best agents charged 1.5%-2% 

To obtain the best price for your home, an excellent estate agent is mandatory. Not all estate agents are the same. 

Choose an agent that presents a clear marketing strategy that combines reactive and, most importantly, pro-active activities. 

You also need to understand how they will negotiate on your behalf. Only pay on results that work for you. 

If an agent offers any guarantees, look carefully at them. Make a decision on the end sale price, not on the fee that is quoted. 

Factor In Costs During The Sales Process - avg. £1,000+ disbursements (both sides of transaction - if buying) 

There are costs attributed to the selling process too. You will need a conveyancer (property law specialist) to protect your interests on the sale. 

If you are buying another property, you will need a conveyancer for the purchase. There will be stamp duty to pay on your purchase as well. Check out a calculator here  

Moving Out Will Cost You Too - 3 bedroom semi avg. £1,000 

Lastly, remember to consider the expenses associated with moving to your new home. 

A lot of families do not consider moving expenses, which can be pretty expensive. We would always advise you to use a removal company to ensure you can relax. Trying to move your furniture and boxes can be extremely challenging and stressful. 

Clearly, selling a home involves a lot of money. It is best to allow an experienced professional to steer it.

When you are all set to initiate selling your home, get in touch. We can ensure that you enjoy you get the best value for all services.

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