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Welcome to my website. I am a local estate agent with 33 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in the property market. I offer a bespoke personal service to all my clients. Please get in touch here for help and advice on any property related matter. 

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What Makes The Best Estate Agent In Loughton?

How Do You Judge The Best Loughton Estate Agent?

Do you feel the estate agent or the housing market will dictate your final sale price? The answer, I believe, is both. The market will determine up to 90-95%, and a skilled agent will make the difference from 90-100%. So what defines a professional agent, and how can we influence the result. 

I detail my top 5 benefits and the resulting impact for you: 

Professional Presentation: 

First impressions only occur - once. Obvious right? However, I see so many mistakes with homes on the market. There needs to be a defined strategy, and every element has to be the best standard possible. Make sure your agent uses a professional photographer and, where possible, encourage videography. Remember, every home in your location, on the market, within your price range, is a competitor. 

Having the best advert and showcasing the key features will ultimately attract more attention, gain more viewers, multiple offers, and the highest sale price. A high-end advert can make the difference in whether you sell or not. 

Rapport Building: 

Buying a home is exciting and emotional. A great estate agent will build relationships with buyers from the first inquiry to completion, studying wording used and body language. If your agent establishes rapport early, the chances of negotiating become more straightforward, resulting in a better end result. 


Using rapport building, the agent works to secure the best price to make the deal happen. It is a delicate balance to push the buyer up but not too far, damaging the chances of completion. Unfortunately, if you select an agent that works to high volumes, the commitment to negotiation wavers. As discussed above, having the right agent dedicated to time for you and your buyer can result in a 100% sale price. 

Pro-active marketing 

Generally speaking, a low fee estate agent will offer a more inadequate service, which typically impacts the marketing scale. We can simplify the advertising for a home sale to numbers. The more eyeballs that see the advert with the best presentation, the more inquiries are generated, resulting in maximum viewings, creating multiple offers leading to the highest sale price. 

But this is only achieved if the agent implements a pro-active marketing strategy across multiple channels and commits to higher advertising spend per home. I highly advise you to check the level of commitment from each agent. 


The more extensive the network of the agent, the more buyers will be registered with them. Using a single brand agent that delivers on 4 of the tips above is excellent, but the final network piece is crucial. Being part of a larger organisation gives an advantage. I have seen many sales agreed without a home even going to market due to the power of the agents' connections. We tend to look at the cost as the crucial factor when deciding on a service provider. I get asked what my fees are regularly on a telephone call, without even viewing the property. How can I do that when I have no idea of the seller's circumstances, property condition, location, demand, and saleability? 

A world-class estate agent can make a significant difference. I believe anything from 2-5% of your sale price. So I would always encourage homeowners to consider the overall value rather than the cost. Not all agents are the same!

A home is a considerable asset, sometimes a liability, so invest in the best agent and get the ultimate result. You can determine who the best is - to find out if that's us, call on 07951 020200 or email me at daniel.lewis@kwuk.com :-)

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