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Welcome to my website. I am a local estate agent with 33 years experience and a wealth of knowledge in the property market. I offer a bespoke personal service to all my clients. Please get in touch here for help and advice on any property related matter. 

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Daniel can give you an accurate property valuation

Receive an accurate home valuation and market appraisal from an experienced property proffessional

You could be pleasantly surprised!


While getting the best price is an essential service, the fee you pay for my services will also include many other services that will make moving a much easier and more enjoyable experience. Let’s go through each moving phase and outline how paying for my representation will make your life easier. 


I will discuss your dream move to understand exactly what you need from your property. Using live market statistics and extensive market knowledge, I will identify appropriate homes for you to view and present you with a list of options. I will arrange viewings, help you ask the right questions, and then consult you on the things you loved and didn’t like about each home. 

Once you decide on the property you love, we will discuss an appropriate offer before I negotiate on your behalf. One of the benefits of having a buyer’s agent is that I can negotiate without emotion to ensure you achieve the best price possible, including a list of elements that support a reduced price, including any required repairs or maintenance. 

If you haven’t found one already, I can recommend a Mortgage Broker and Conveyancer for you to use.

I will verify the seller, ensuring they have a valid reason for selling, check any upward chain and find out about any previously aborted sales. This includes ensuring you are supported around any issues arising from the survey. 

Once a price is agreed upon, I will ensure your mortgage reflects the initial valuation and renegotiate if required. 

Finally, I will liaise with all parties to ensure the transaction remains on track and completion is as near your timescale as possible. 


I will use my experience and market knowledge to identify the correct price to list your property for. You will be consulted before your property is listed and will always have the final call on pricing. 

I will conduct all viewings of your property and provide feedback on any offers or questions potential buyers may have. Once your property starts generating offers, I will work in your best interest to secure the optimal fee for your home, including supporting statements to ensure your asking price is met or exceeded. 

When you have settled on the offer you would like to accept, I will act quickly to ensure all parties move smoothly towards your agreed completion date. 

I can also recommend any removal services you may require and ensure keys and paperwork are handed over at the right time. 

This hopefully shows that the priority in every transaction is you. I am trained and provided with the tools to make your property journey enjoyable and easy, leaving you to enjoy your move as you deserve.

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